Enjoying God's River of Mercy Together

Church-wide & WARBC Fellowship-wide Seminar with Dr. Richard Swenson

April 1 from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Church- wide  (and WARBC fellowship wide) seminar with Dr. Richard Swenson. Dr. Swenson is a medical doctor & author who has been featured on Focus on the Family and speaks widely across the country.  

The theme is The Physical and Spiritual cost of “living overloaded lives”.

 Session 1 – Margin in Emotional and Physical Energy: Therefore Honor God with Your Body

Session 2 – Margin in Time: Being Available For The Purposes Of God

Session 3 – Margin in Finances: Determined by the Culture or the Creator?

Click here for video clip of Dr. Swenson    (Video Introduction-approx. 3.5 min.)

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