To Know Christ And Make Him Known

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? . . .  Can you hear me now?

This iconic ad was heard. The repetition of it before us and by us as we attempt to communicate often causes us frustration or weariness. So too, I fear beginning a blog may just add to the weariness of many to have yet one more piece of information to absorb. So I appeal to you, read this for encouragement and reminder purposes only. Read it for its brevity and connection to common themes you are experiencing with Calvary’s body through our church worship services by web, cable, or in person. But I am interested in whether you hear me here and hear me now so I look forward to your comments.

I write only this today: You are greatly loved. This is why I write. For I desire to build and encourage our body. To remind us during our week of what we are learning and enjoying about our God and Savior. He loves us even as He loved the prophet Daniel. Daniel bore great burden for God’s glory, and God in turn lavished love upon him personally (Daniel 10). So too, as you walk in Christ with suffering and through suffering, in burdens expending energy, know this – He greatly loves us and desires that we love others through this.