To Know Christ And Make Him Known

Leading children to know Christ and make Him known accurately, deeply, and passionately. 

Children at Calvary enjoy learning about God and His Word through age-appropriate classes led by nurturing, loving teachers while their parents are in an adult bible fellowship or worship service. There is a check-in/check-out procedure that is in place to give both parents and staff peace of mind regarding the child’s safety.


Additionally, there is a parent/young child room located right next to the auditorium where the service can be viewed on TV if a parent needs to leave to attend to the needs of the child.

Wednesday Evenings

Cubbies, Sparks, Truth & Training, and TREK too!


Calvary’s Commitment to Children

We believe each child who joins with us in children’s opportunities should be safe and should hear the truth of God’s Word in a way they can understand. In order to do this we provide regular teacher training opportunities and each person involved with children has been screened and trained in child abuse prevention.